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Ryan White

In Southwest Florida, there is a state Part B program allocation, three (3) Part C programs, AETC opportunities, and access to Part D services. The Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida is the lead agency for the state of Florida in Area 8 for the Ryan White Part B program. The Florida Ryan White Part B program is administered through the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS. In the State of Florida’s Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need, there are seven (7) core services: Medical Care, Pharmaceuticals, Dental Care, Case Management, Health Insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Treatment. In Area 8, the local planning body – Regional HIV/AIDS Council (RHAC) – recommended funding priorities in-line with these core services. The RHAC makes funding priority recommendations to the Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida who in turn develops and implements programs to allocate the funding and serve those most in need.

The total direct care funding, 75% is spent on “core” services (medical, drugs, health insurance, dental, mental health, substance abuse) and 25% is spent on “support services” (case management, transportation and food assistance). Below is the 2010-2011 Ryan White Part B direct services budget.

Ryan White Part B 2011-2012

Total Direct Services


Ambulatory Medical


Comprehensive Case Management


Supportive Case Management


Health Insurance


Oral Health


Mental Health


Drug Reimbursement


The RHAC is a 15-member planning body that plans for services and advises the HPCSWF on funding priorities and service delivery issues and policy development. The RHAC is comprised of county health department directors / administrators, one community representative from each county, a prevention representative and a patient care representative. The RHAC meets every other month and has four standing committees that meet regularly: Clinical Committee, Case Management Committee, Prevention Committee and the Physician Advisory Committee.

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